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Rearia was founded in 2019, after we had initially been working on our concept since 2017. Currently, we are based in Taipei, Taiwan and Helsinki, Finland.

Since starting our ambitious journey in 2017, we've now created Hai, the world's first universal streamer for both hearing aid and cochlear implant users — putting the focus on music and expression.

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We're inspired to create wonderful & fashionable listening experiences with innovative uses of technology for everyone to enjoy.

Working as an innovation team, we design and create audio and related products. Our products are manufactured by our contractors who've long experience in audio equipment development. Currently, there are 7 people in total with expertise in design, electronics, marketing, and audio technology working on Hai.

Thank you so much for your interest in Rearia. We’d be happy to share our mission and experience with more people. If you’d like to interview somebody from our team or like to be added to our press list, please e-mail to We’ll get back to you shortly.

For further information on Rearia, please visit our Press Kit on Sparkamplify.

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